Marinair expansion to Eastern Europe

The clouds hanging over Greece would appear to have some silver linings. Marinair has forged new plans, adding expansion to Eastern Europe to its new activities in India and China. We have focused strongly on the export of perishables such as strawberries, olives, potatoes and coconuts, by sea and by air.

Read Full interview at page 48 in International Transport Journal Issue 39-40/2016 with Specials on Fiata / Ireland / the UK and Balkan States / Greece
Business in Greece these days

Despite the financial and banking crisis in our country, Marinair Cargo Services remains a healthy and strong organization Our overseas activities as well as our various international agreements have been very helpful.

Impressions of the Greek economy and society

It seems to me that by the end of the 2016 we’ll have a clearer picture of what tomorrow will bring. Many previously unanswered economic questions seem to be getting sorted out, and the economy is expected to return to the international market stronger and better able to compete. Investment in industries such as shipping or tourism has been increasing, despite the crisis, and exports are also doing well.

Logistics sector impact

The logistics field is closely linked to the economy and commerce, of course. In today’s unstable times we have to ensure that we don’t fall too far behind. Happily, exports and third-party movements have increased, and international agreements provide Greek industries with stronger platforms. Imports haven’t yet returned to the level attained ten years ago. Logistic firms that haven’t prepared for this long downturn are facing many problems.

Marinair’s presence in the Far East and in South Asia

Our overseas offices – Hong Kong, Mumbai, Chennai, Tirupur, Tuticorin – and partnerships are a great help. India’s economic growth is promising. Marinair has been active there since 2012. We remain satisfied with our expansion in China. The strategic geographical location of the maritime port of Piraeus and of Greece make this a natural European hub for all modes of transport and a great place from which to do business – as Cosco’s recent investments in Piraeus have shown. Marinair has participated in Chinese multimodal imports and exports, with evermore movements to and from the country by air, sea and rail. Over the past years rail services to and from the CIS have become very attractive, and Marinair has entered into agreements and partnerships in this field that offer the concomitant services.

Sea and air concept

This combined mode of transport is very promising, especially for landlocked countries. We hope that Greece’s key geographic position, the strengths of the port of Piraeus and of Athens airport will help transform the country into an important transit hub.

Transported goods of 2016

This year, Marinair Greece and Marinair India have focused strongly on the export of perishables such as strawberries, olives, potatoes and coconuts, by sea and by air.

Marinair’s future plans

We plan to expand to Eastern Europe, and perhaps also to Germany and the Netherlands. A strategic hub in the latter area would be very interesting for us.

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