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The magazine Marinair Cargo Services is published every 3 months and is dedicated to international transport services. It refers exclusively to the field of transport for import and export requirements by Land, Sea, Air, Rail or Combined freight Worldwide, best practices and news, interviews with personalities in the field as well as presentation of important events related to transport.

New adaptations for Ocean Carriers to follow

Trends – Challenges – Technology

This year, ocean carriers seem to have a lot to deal with as regarding technology adaptations and environmental sustain ability to be able to continue to have a strong presence in the foreseeable future.

Companies have to invest in new technologies and analytic tools in order to be able to follow the market
demands and achieve their goals to the maximum. Also, all carriers must find viable environmental
solutions to reduce their impact in the global warming effects.

In order to be able to efficiently measure the effect and the limit the footprint of the environmental impact of ships emissions as well as the efficiency of the ships, International Marine Organization (IMO), because of which from the start of 2023, EEXI and CII (AER) measuring systems have been implemented.