Marinair Cargo Services at WCA Conference at Singapore

This year the WCA conference that took place at Singapore on from 9th – 13th Feb was an absolutely impressive event.
The attendance of so many Logistics professionals from all over the world was incredible.
This is one of the biggest Network event for Transport industry.

2100 Forwarding Agents from all over the Globe and more than 4000 people participated and started sharing Ideas for their customized and tailor made Transport Needs and Transport Plans.
Several meetings and countless workshops took place during this conference.
The brand new E-Commerce platform presented is surely a new opportunity following up the current economy trends in services globally, which will enable and provide even more new ways of communicating, interacting as
Well as opening new trades and opportunities to all qualified Freight Forwarders.

We believe that there is a momentum of new opportunities  to work All together.
Marinair Organization offices from Greece and India participated this year successfully in the event.
We really hope to see and meet you all again in the next conference.

Marinair of course will be there.

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