China and the post pandemic supply chains – VOTI Interview

Marinair’s CEO Mr. Pavlos Poutos gave an interview and shared his opinion in VOTI (Issue 134) about the effects that the Chinese moving production facilities have in the function of the global supply chain and how the balance in this sector has changed recently.If you want to learn more about this topic enjoy your reading in!

Golden October rings in year-end business

WCA member Marinair Cargo Services, whose headquarters are in the Greek port of Piraeus, is optimistic for the forthcoming peak logistics season. Founder and CEO Pavlos Poutos recently told the ITJ that he expects larger volumes of goods to arrive by air and sea from India and the Far East by the end of the year, with on forwarding to Europe...

Interview at the Voice of Independent

Marinair Cargo Services has enjoyed strong air and sea freight growth in 2018, building on its innovative sea-rail service launched earlier this year. According to Marinair chief executive Pavlos Poutos, the Greek forwarder’s best performing trade lanes have been Far East to India, Europe and North America; as well as exports from the Netherlands, Germany and France to the Middle East...