8th Supply Chain Export Exhibition

2-3-4 October 2021 at Metropolitan Expo Exhibition Center

With the new decade and the radical changes brought with it by the new era of artificial intelligence in supply chains, but also with the new data it brings to life and business, the Covid-19 pandemic and its health, safety and protection protocols , the renowned and established biennial international exhibition on Supply Chain, Logistics, Freight, Information Technology, Automation and Commercial Vehicles “SUPPLY CHAIN ​​& LOGISTICS” – «CARGO TRUCK & V of 2021, at the Metropolitan Expo, in Athens, with all the necessary security measures for exhibitors and visitors.

The trade changes brought with it by the new reality of the European Union, the now applied AI – IoT & blockchain technologies that bring the maximum to the management of the complex international supply chains, in combination with the continuous development course of the Greek ports, but also the development of the Logistics market, introduce new data.

Proud to be part of the Largest Supply Chain Exhibition in South East Europe

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