Rail Freight Services

Train schedules with fixed closing and departure dates

Our Rail Freight solutions offer reliable transit times, daily tracing and end-to-end custom clearance process from origin to destination.

Rail Freight with Marinair

  • Fixed schedule: train schedules with fixed closing and departure dates
  • Reliable transit time: proven high reliability on the hub to hub lead time
  • Door to door delivery from Asia/China to/from Europe
  • Stuffing possibilities at warehouses located at the station of dispatch
  • Pick-up and delivery to and from bonded/non bonded production site/warehouse
  • End to end custom clearance process from origin to destination
  • Consolidation/distribution hubs located inland across China and Europe bound
  • 5 Hubs in China – 5 Hubs in Europe
  • Transit time Hub to Hub: 12 -16 days West bound, 16 to 22 days East bound.
  • Daily tracing
  • Various Container pick-up / drop-off locations in China and Europe available
  • Faster than sea freight, cheaper then air freight
  • Reliability in terms of transit and schedule
  • Flexibility: we are not depending on a fixed train operator and can choose the optimal train service according to your needs

Why Marinair

In the ever-growing world of international transportation, making the correct partnerships is of utmost importance. Make sure you pick your freight forwarding partner wisely.


All our transfers include Legal Liability covering $1.000.000 for any one incident or occurrence.


We work with the highest standards and always strive for improvements. Our certifications include  Bureau Veritas ISO 9001, IATA, Dangerous Goods Regulations and more!


With multiple offices across the world, we offer global freight know-how and local access to some of the most central trade hubs.


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