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The magazine Marinair Cargo Services is published every 3 months and is dedicated to international transport services. It refers exclusively to the field of transport for import and export requirements by Land, Sea, Air, Rail or Combined freight Worldwide, best practices and news, interviews with personalities in the field as well as presentation of important events related to transport.

ISSUE 1. 2015/07/2022

The future of Shipping

Trends – Challenges – Technology

Shipping is an industry that is affected in a huge scale for political and economic factors as it operates not only domestically but also in international markets.

The last years the international market was straggling with the Covid 19 pandemic and when things seemed to be improving and growth rates were slowly but steadily increasing the Russian invasion to Ukraine started a new circle of instability that jeopardies all the improvement made at globally.

Automation and cloud technology seem to be the key items as regard the future of the industry. These technologies help forwarding companies increase their efficiency proving them with better management over the procedures.

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