Combine Freight Services

The right combination for the optimal cargo transport

Using our experience and resources, we combine the necessary freight methods in order to achieve the requested objective, such as the right balance between speed or cost-efficiency!

Combine Freight with Marinair

  • Cargo is exported from origins by ocean to an ocean/air hub transshipment point (custom free zone operation)
  • Cargo is discharged from the ocean vessel container, re-palletized at the hub and expedited onwards with airlines
  • Cargo proceeds as air freight to final destination point
  • Cargo moved under one single document, the Multimodal Transportation Document (MTD) from origin to destination, covering all different transportation modes
  • Faster than pure Ocean, slower than pure air freight
  • Significant savings compared to direct air freight (+1000 kgs)
  • Cost effective both in terms of rate and transit time
  • Cost savings of approximately 30% to 40% off airfreight rates
  • Transit time savings of approximately 20% to 40% off ocean sailing times
  • Time to market, getting cargo to destination at the right time and with the right transport mode
  • Reduction in storage and inventory costs
  • Mitigates delays in origins with airport congestions by moving large volumes in containers
  • Useful where airline capacity is limited
  • Ease of CFS operations and procedures
  • Phasing in of cargo to meet scheduled departure dates
  • Reduction in carbon emission levels through reduced usage of airfreight

Why Marinair

In the ever-growing world of international transportation, making the correct partnerships is of utmost importance. Make sure you pick your freight forwarding partner wisely.


All our transfers include Legal Liability covering $1.000.000 for any one incident or occurrence.


We work with the highest standards and always strive for improvements. Our certifications include  Bureau Veritas ISO 9001, IATA, Dangerous Goods Regulations and more!


With multiple offices across the world, we offer global freight know-how and local access to some of the most central trade hubs.


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