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Combine Freight Services by Marinair

What is Combine Freight
  • ¬óCargo is exported from origins by ocean to an ocean/air hub transshipment point (custom free zone operation)
  • Cargo is discharged from the ocean vessel container, re-palletized at the hub and expedited onwards with airlines
  • Cargo proceeds as air freight to final destination point
  • Cargo moved under one single document, the Multimodal Transportation Document (MTD) from origin to destination, covering all different transportation modes
  • Faster than pure Ocean, slower than pure air freight
  • Significant savings compared to direct air freight (+1000 kgs)
Why Combine Freight
  • Cost effective both in terms of rate and transit time
  • Cost savings of approximately 30% to 40% off airfreight rates
  • Transit time savings of approximately 20% to 40% off ocean sailing times
  • Time to market, getting cargo to destination at the right time and with the right transport mode
  • Reduction in storage and inventory costs
  • Mitigates delays in origins with airport congestions by moving large volumes in containers
  • Useful where airline capacity is limited
  • Ease of CFS operations and procedures
  • Phasing in of cargo to meet scheduled departure dates
  • Reduction in carbon emission levels through reduced usage of airfreight